Review: The Arrows Steal the Night from White Collar Kiss


white-collar-kiss-296x300With a Facebook following of close to four thousand it was not surprising that White Collar Kiss had filled the Assembly on Wednesday for the launch of their new album. It soon became evident, however, that the fanbase was not all for WCK – there was also a huge following for the supporting acts, Versus the Wolf and The Arrows.

Versus the Wolf kicked off the show with a fantastic performance, highlighted by top class graphics on the monitors.  Their die hard fans loved their borderline metal riffs and the whole crowd lapped up their cover of Bliffly Clyro’s Mountain.

The two girls of The Arrows were next up and seemed a little lonely on the stage after the larger band.  Perhaps in recognition of this, the lead, Pam de Menezes challenged an audience member to a 80s dance-off to do so (she lost by a hair). Drummer Christie Desfontaine got some back up from the drummers of the Dirty Skirts (de Menezes’ brother) and Versus The Wolf.

I had gone to see White Collar Kiss.  But I’m afraid to say I was disappointed by their performance.  Their music is great, but they constantly broke it off to hand out freebies.  I‘m a girl who loves a freebie but each time the music came to a complete halt, ruining the flow of the performance. So then I started to get irritated by other things – the fact that  lead vocalist Bethany Dicksen kept adjusting her hair a lot, and the fact that the band –though doing a good job – were drowning out her voice.

Although White Collar Kiss may have had the biggest writing on the poster the night belonged to the two happy girls from Durban known as The Arrows. Despite being away touring North America for the past few months, the girls have managed to pick up a large Cape Town following. It’s difficult to label their music – a sort of indie electro/dance – but the crowd responded as one.   More please!

By Jana van Heerden

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