Review: Womb Tide: Boy Meets Girls with a Splash of Reality


womb-tide1It does not seem right to review Womb Tide with words, as so few words are used in the show. However… as I am unable to make a clever video to convey my thoughts, these words will have to do.

FTH:K is a theatre company that works in the field of visual theatre with the aim of integrating the deaf into the performing arts. Its reworked version of Lara Foot’s hit play is told through a wide range of media, including what could be described as bursts of incoherent speech. There is also a very clever use of simple props, for example what starts as a swing is subsequently used as a window, mirror, car and a sex scene. Speaking of the sex scene… No I won’t give it away.

All I will say is that Womb Tide is clever, it’s funny, it’s heart wrenching and surprising. When you walks into the intimate Golden Arrow Theatre at the Baxter, there’s no way of knowing how you will feel when you exit in an hour and a half. Even if you read the reviews which, including this one, predict the likelihood of Womb Tide having a profound impact of your life, there is no way of preparing yourself for it.

What starts out as a comedy slowly but surely morphs into a tragedy. It is boy meet girls with a splash of reality. Using any more words will give away too much and ruin the experience. And this is an experience you cannot, should not miss.

By Jana van Heerden

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