Review: You Should Be Dancing


You Should Be Dancing Kalk Bay TheatreThe folks over at Kalk Bay Theatre gon’ done it again…

Following the the popularity of their previous FollowSpot shows like the Big Boys trilogy, Bar None, Elton & Friends, Bon Soir, Caliente and more, Ash and Vanessa have topped their own high bar yet again. If it’s entertainment you want, it’s entertainment they’ll provide. You Should Be Dancing draws a toe-tapping timeline through vintage songs that have stood the test of time. Bar an ‘Anaconda’ thrown in there (we’ll see how long you last, Nicki Minaj).

This show knows very well how to transport the audience back into time. Through those detailed touches of sound, light and costume, You Should Be Dancing opens up in front of us like a dusty old album filled with sepia photographs. Ah, those good old days… times lost, but not forgotten. There are time capsules of 20s flapper-style dancing – a little Charleston and Turkey Trot. Or is it a live scene from a black and white gangster film? Or perhaps a stolen moment in a New Orleans jazz bar?

The sepia tones soon blossom into a more colourful, glitterati era with more classic tunes paving the way. The three women – writer and director Vanessa Harris, Nicole van den Berg and newcomer Caely-Jo Levy tease – flirt and rock their way into the spotlight. Sorry, big boys, your moves might be slicker than a smooth criminal’s, and yes, you do give us fever, but the pin-up female powerhouses steal this show. A special mention, however, goes to Southern Peninsula heart-throb Liam McDermott whose sultry self melts the audience into a puddle in our seats.

In the end, when a show finishes with half the audience dancing on stage, with laughter and whoops of delight, with hugs and high hand-claps… you know you’re in for a good time. Tickets are already flying, so book well in advance for what Kalk Bay Theatre does best: entertainment.

Marilu Snyders

You Should Be Dancing is on at Kalk Bay Theatre until 29 September 2018.

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