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Zebra and Giraffe

OK, so Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is officially my favourite natural venue in Cape Town. I was yet again in awe of the beauty of the gardens – and to see these boys playing there was the cherry on top.

The organization of these events is top notch.  We were in the garden within five minutes of queueing. We had arrived extra early – many had! – and so were able to pick a spot under a tree, just wayside of the stage, where we could spread out a little.  Then we cracked open the champagne and waited, utterly content.

This was my second time seeing the boys – the first being at Earthdance.  I was excited to see whether they would live up to the fabulous memory I had of them… and a little nervous that they might not.  But I need not have worried.  As they kicked off with their hit song, Arm Yourself, I was filled with The Need to Adore and I ran down to join the fans at the base of the stage. It was surreal – nostalgic even. They sounded exactly like I remember if not better. For me, what raises this band head and shoulders above others is the absolute energy its members exude on stage. I was mesmerised, particularly by the guitarist, Alan Shenton – an absolute rocker of note.

The band built up the anticipation to their new single, The Knife, and when they strummed the first notes of the song, the crowd went crazy.  I even saw a 70-something year old, pointy elbows out, jiving away on his little grassy spot.  Marvellous, melodic muses – my three words for defining the band. Even their cover songs were drowned in originality, making then their own. I would advise Cassette to take some lessons on Performing Covers 101 from Z&G! Well done boys, seeing you in all your glory was really my Sunday afternoon bliss!


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