Review: Zoe Beyers


zoe beyersConsidering that Stellenbosch-born Zoe Beyers has performed with some of the world’s most acclaimed musicians from a very young age, it was no surprise that her performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in D minor was effortlessly breathtaking.

Beyers, accompanied by celebrated Portuguese pianist Luis Magalhaes, produced a deeply emotive performance. Although her stage presence is somewhat stern, the music she makes is both highly textured and colourfully nuanced, creating sounds that are simply delightful.

Magalhaes and the Stellenbosch Camarata String Orchestra must also be commended for their highly professional performances. Magalhaes, a concert pianist since the age of 9, commanded the stage with a sensitive yet strong treatment of the piano. The Camarata – a combination of students and teachers from Stellensboch University – played a tight set in near perfect harmony with Beyers’ singing violin.

This choice of Mendelssohn’s lesser known work, composed when the artist was a mere 13 years old, was a welcomed break from the usual concert repertoire and Magalhaes with the esteemed Stellenbosch Camerata string ensemble were a wonderful accompaniment to Beyers.


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