Review: Groove Armada


Groove Armada has been around for 15 years. For the majority of clubbers, that’s more than half their lives. And for those not familiar with the name then songs such as Superstylin’ or I See You Baby should ring a bell. If not, you’ve clearly been living under a rock.

Tom Findlay, one half of the legendary electronic English duo, was in Cape Town recently, working the beats at Greenpoint’s latest hot spot, Trinity nightclub. When we arrived it was to the deep house sound of the Mayday girls, ripping the decks to a half empty dance floor. They were hot… but we wanted a drink first.

We were lucky enough to have passes to the VIP lounge at Trinity. One step inside and we came to a grinding halt. We definitely had not come dressed for the part. My golly, who said Capetonians aren’t a bunch of good-looking jet setters? It was like walking into an MTV music video. All the other men in the room had a skimpy Asian model hanging off every limb as they sipped on golden beverages made by the Almighty himself. I sucked in my stomach, ordered a Jameson and held it with my pinky finger resolutely stuck out.

From our bejewelled eyrie we could peer down onto the crowd of bobbing heads. It was obvious to see who was having a better time. A rage of ecstasy hit the crowd as Tom Findlay took the stage, and as the beats flowed through our veins, the bobbing heads turned into improvised fist pumping and hip swaying. This was the business.

It was a shame that Findlay’s partner-in-crime, Andy Cato was not able to make it to the Mothercity to give us the full Groove Armada treatment. The result was a chopped performance to be honest, and a little bit of a let-down for hardcore GA fans. But the fact that it turned out to be more of a typical rave scene with a mix of deep house was a refreshing take on clubbing. It is how your older 20 something or 30 something brother/sister would remember it to be. With the glow sticks and the multi-coloured fade-in jeans the night was Superstylin’!

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