RMB WineX 2020 – Online Show

9 November 2020 to 31 December 2020

RMB WineX 2020 - Online ShowThe RMB WineX 2020 is a popular local wine show, featuring well known winemakers and a range of brands offering over 260 videos at this year’s online event.

This year’s event marks the 20th anniversary since starting out as a South Africa’s first consumer-driven wine show in 2000.

Attendees are able to connect online via the RMB WineX website directed to the Tasting Room hosted in three minute clips. These are presented by each wine-producer and designed for a personal tasting experience.

The 2020 Wineries List also highlights various brands that are available to purchase.

The RMB WineX team have broaden their invitation to guests on a digital platform to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations.

Online show: Via the website www.winex.co.za
Time: Various
Cost: TBA

Tel: 011 482 5936
Email: winex@outsorceress.co.za
Website: www.winex.co.za
Facebook: @RMBWineX
Instagram: @rmbwinex_2020


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