The Rouge Revue – Beginner Burlesque Classes


The Rouge Revue Burlesque CompanyThe Rouge Revue Burlesque Company – known for their sensual events and irresistible burlesque performers, The Rougettes – are offering Beginner Burlesque Classes on Zoom.

Founder Lady Magnolia promises that, even though burlesque seems “frivolous” in a crisis, it’s a great way to relieve stress, get some exercise and make new connections. “I encourage you to dress up for class! Let’s make it sexy and fun. There isn’t much else to do anyway! Wear your most outrageous sexy outfits! Turn us on, make us laugh, surprise us! Let’s get creative.”

Starting off with a catch-up and introduction, classes consist of a warm up – which includes “something to make you laugh out loud” – as well as fitness burlesque drills, combinations, homework and a cool down. Please allow for about 60 minutes for class.

“Burlesque is for all womxn, regardless of age, race, weight or fitness levels. It is about learning to love our bodies and acknowledging the beauty of the feminine spirit.”

Venue: Zoom
Times: Tuesdays at 6pm
Price: R520 per month for four classes a month | R920 per month for eight classes a month

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Tel: 083 760 8499
Facebook: The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company
Instagram: @therouguerevue


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