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royal-cape-yacht-club-duncan-dockThe Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) is located in the Port of Cape Town and plays host to frequent sailing regattas and yacht races. It is also home to a restaurant and bar and it is a popular venue for weddings, corporate functions and private events. The RCYC was founded over 100 years ago and it is one of South Africa’s most active and long-established yacht clubs with over 3 000 members.


The Club was founded as the Table Bay Yacht Club in 1905 in a waterside boatshed located northward of the foot of Loop Street. It became the Cape Yacht Club in 1914 which incorporated the Alfred Rowing Club and shortly after received the Royal Charter to become the Royal Cape Yacht Club. A decade after the 2nd World War, the shell of the present clubhouse was erected and was added to in 1971 following the first Trans-Atlantic Race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro which inspired the local yachting boom.  The Club grew from a small membership of around 300 to the present figure of some 3 000. Boat accommodation progressed from swing moorings to today’s marina.

The RCYC offers the Galley Restaurant and Terrace dining area which serve local cuisine at affordable prices with members’ discounts. The Men’s Bar holds a collection of plaques, memorabilia and photos of famous boats, while the Ladies’ Bar is situated in the waterside of the club and overlooks the marina.

The Club hosts important sailing events including the country’s premier keelboat regattas. The Cape to Rio and South Atlantic Races have been hosted by RCYC since 1971. Other international events have included the Whitbread Race, the BT Global Challenge, The BOC Around Alone Race, the Volvo Race, The Lisbon Expo 98, Clippers, and the Hong Kong Challenge, to name but a few.

The Club has a Development Sail Training programme which has been in operation for several years. They have teamed up with Izivunguvungu in Simon’s Town to train a number of young sailors who are now competing in major offshore races.

Other facilities include vessel mooring, boat repairs and chandlery, laundry facilities, a library and more.

The RCYC hosts regular events including Wednesday Night Sailing (summer months only) to which the public is invited to apply as crew, and various social events at the clubhouse.  Run a keyword search for ‘RCYC’ for more information.

Venue: 1 Duncan Rd, Table Bay Harbour, Foreshore, Cape Town

Tel: 021 421 1354
Facebook: royalcapeyachtclub
Twitter: rcycfunctions




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