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Scarab - Bespoke Jewellery Designer Cape TownScarab Jewellery Design was founded by Janine Davidson and, beyond a signature jewellery collection, Scarab Jewellery Design offers specially-crafted, bespoke jewellery design as well as the recycling of existing jewellery. 

SCARAB works closely with their clients to create a piece that is uniquely their own, providing a hand-finished alternative to the catalogue jewellery that is commercially available. “We believe that fine jewellery should be accessible to everyone, and our collections aim to cater to a variety of budgets.”

For those who wish to revive an old piece of jewellery – perhaps it’s become old-fashioned or no longer fits – Janine specialises in remodeling, revamping or recycling existing pieces while being highly sensitive to the value, both sentimental and monetary.  

Address: 10 Cavendish Street, Claremont
Opening Times: By appointment only, and in adherence to strict Covid 19 practices, but Scarab Jewellery recommends that clients order online. 



Tel: 021 683 4646
Facebook: Scarab Jewellery 
Instagram: @scarabjewellery


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