Small Businesses Making Big Moves #SupportLocal


The past few months have emphasised the need for us to #SupportLocal businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. We have featured and promoted amazing local businesses that offer up their talent and skills to make you move, build your confidence, and bring you quality products. And while we continue to shine the spotlight on homegrown entrepreneurs, here’s our pick of just some of the small businesses making big moves in Cape Town.


Joshua De Hahn is a professional biokineticist, movement explorer and artist at heart. His passion for the human body and educating people about the importance of movement inspired his business, Movementum.

Movementum offers exercise services to improve movement and knowledge by teaching and practicing different methods and principles.

Movementum’s services injury and health assessment, tailored fitness programmes and messages. Through these services, Joshua aims to help people reach their fitness goals, overcome injuries and become healthier.

He said that often the hardest part of reaching any goal is starting. “But if you can get past that initial part, anything after that will be easier.”

Facebook: @movementumx | Instagram: @movementumx


“If passion were to be personified, it would probably be me.” This is how Simone Thomas describes herself, and it shows in her growing business – KroesRocks.

KroesRocks is an authentic brand for women celebrating their natural hair. It also aims to empower and inspire women to be proud of their natural hair.

Simone a BTech degree in Marketing and is currently completing her Master in Marketing Degree with a construct in Natural Hair, specifically focused South African women. She is also the Director at Cape Town Naturally, the pioneer of the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest.

KroesRocks promotes a wide range of products and apparel, along with their own merchandise, dedicated to maintaining and accentuating natural hair.

The brand also organisers events and festivals with exclusive access to natural hair products at discounted prices, expert panel discussions, natural hair journeys, food, drinks and gift bags.

Email: | Website:
Facebook: @kroesrocksInstagram: @kroesrocksTwitter: @SuperMonie


After working in tattoo studios for 8 years, Carla Peake’s passion for body modifications and tattoo removals grew, pushing her to learn microblading.

Her business, Alternative Aesthetics uses her skills in a unique way and has been helping people since 2018.

From tattoos to eyebrow and lash services, Alternative Aesthetics is aimed at helping people build their confidence, to feel comfortable in their own skin and helping them with their insecurities of hair loss that have resulted due to various illnesses.

But it doesn’t stop there. Carla’s dream is to be able to do areola reconstruction for people who have undergone mastectomies.

Email: alternative.aes@gmail.comWebsite:
Facebook:  @carlapeake.pmuaInstagram: @alt_aes


Growing up as artisanal handline and tuna pole fishermen, brothers Ryan and Andrew Nienaber have close ties to the ocean and a love of fish.

This droved their passion to bring sustainable, locally sourced seafood to Cape Town with their family business Greenfish

Greenfish specialises in assortments of fresh fish boxes dependent on the fishermen’s daily ventures out to sea and seasonal and weather constraints of fish movements.

They deliver freshly caught Cape seafood straight to your door while upholding sustainable seafood choices and environmentally conscious fishing values.

Greenfish supplies fish native to the Cape Point, Struisbaai, West Coast, and surrounding areas such as yellowfin tuna steaks, yellowtail, swordfish, and classic hake. They also offer West Coast farmed live oysters and mussels, squid, and frozen scallops.

Tel: 072 110 4709 | Email: | Website:
Facebook: @greenfishsa | Instagram: @greenfishsa


Samantha is a Qualified Parts Therapist, Life Coach, NLP coach, Holistic Mind Coach, Massage Therapist & Energy Healer.

After years of practicing, she’s dedicated her time to offer free hypnotherapy sessions on YouTube for those who can’t afford hypnosis sessions, which can often cost from R900 per hour.

Every Tuesday and Friday, she uploads sessions to her Youtube channel. The hypnotherapy sessions focus on pain management, anxiety and stress, weight loss, smoking, sleep and many more topics. Sessions range from 10 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the topic.

While all hypnotherapy sessions are free online, the audio is available for purchase.

Youtube: Samantha Katz Hypnotherapy
Facebook: @samanthakatzhypnosis | Instagram: @samanthakatz_hypnotist | Twitter: @SamanthaKatz7


Marion Hermans is the brains behind Marley Grey, a lifestyle brand created to cater to the hair care needs of natural, or chemically treated hair.

Marley Grey Hair Care Accessories began when Marion sewed a few sleep caps for clients who had their hair treated with her organic products. This sparked the need for the sleep caps as hair needed to be protected after treatment.

Marley Grey’s product range has since grown to include satin pillow cases, car headrest covers, headwraps, durags, detanglish brushes, hair care oils and other products and accessories. These are all aimed to protect, fix, and “funk up your hair affordably and stylishly”.

Marion also offers personalised hair care consultations face-to-face and via Whatsapp.

Website: | Email: | Whatsapp: 072  0552574
Facebook: @marleygreylife | Instagram: @_marley.grey_ | Twitter: @MarleyGreyLife


Simone Momplé is an avid dancer with experience in dance fitness classes, competitions, performances and unique projects.

With her vision to get the world dancing, she started GODANCE, a movement that uses dance as a tool to allow people to explore themselves.

GODANCE is designed to guide people to become more focused on themselves as unique individuals and to strive to portray their authentic selves.

From dance workshops and classes to dance programmes, design unique concepts through dance and performances that cater to the event or client.

Website: | Email:
Facebook: @DancewithSimone | Instagram: @godancetm | Twitter: @godance14 | Youtube: Simone Momplé


Maungo Leather specialises in custom made bags and facemasks, all handmade by Nadia Ndzeye and her family.

Nadia’s story is a true testament to perseverance and the strength of the community. From living on the streets with her four young children to embracing her skills and talents during the lockdown, Nadia’s bags and masks are only surpassed by her humble spirits.

Maungo Leather was started at the beginning of the lockdown after Nadia lost her job. The masks and bags have since been a hit. Their range includes masks with a variety of African prints and genuine leather bags such as backpacks, purses, duffle bags and moon bags.

Email: | Tel: 0837762312
Instagram: @maungoleather


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