The Sound of Music

6 to 27 May 2018

the sound of musicThe Artscape Theatre hosts the return of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular musical, The Sound of Music.

The production is presented in South Africa by Pieter Toerien, David Ian and The Really Useful Group, and tells the story of the von Trapp family’s flight across the mountains from Austria, with its unforgettable score that includes My Favourite Things, Edelweiss, Do-Re-Mi, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, The Lonely Goatherd, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, and the title song The Sound of Music.

Featuring an all-star South African cast back from their international tour, the 2018 production stars Andre Schwartz as Captain von Trapp and Carmen Pretorius as Maria.

“The audience stood to cheer during the final notes of the nuns’ reprise of ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ as the von Trapp family paused atop a slab of rock and the lights projected a fantastic sunset behind them.” Read Katy Scott’s review of The Sound of Music.

Venue: Artscape Opera House, Artscape Theatre Centre, 1-10 D.F. Malan St, Foreshore, Cape Town
Time: 8pm | Sat again at 3pm | Sun 2pm, 6pm
Cost: R100 – R500

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Tel: 021 421 7839
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Twitter: @ArtscapeTheatre

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  1. I must confess, I have never seen the movie or the production… So this is an opportunity not to be missed!

  2. Such a timeless classic! Would love to take my daughter to experience it as she loves the dvd

  3. “An (extra)ordinary couple” decided that they will “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” …(even Table Mountain) to get their hands on “Something good”… there is just “No way to stop it”…

    “So Long Farewell” said no one ever to tickets to one of “My favourite things” – Let’s get Cape Town “Alive with the Sound of Music”..


  4. I last saw the stage production of Sound of Music over 30 years ago – would love to see it again! An unbeatable all time classic!

  5. Alexandra Kotchoubei

    My friend and I love going to the theatre and The Sound of Music is high on our bucket list!

  6. Marni Bonthuys

    As a child I adored the movie. I would love to see this as a show and be able to give my boy a chance to experience this.

  7. Roankld O'Malley

    Palease may I have the sound of MAGIc…a message ot say I have been fortunate to win. Would be sooooooohapy

  8. The Sound of Music was the first video we ever owned and we watched it until it wore out. I would love to take my children to see one of my all-time favourite musicals.

  9. The Sound of Music reminds me of my childhood days in school and seeing it the first time. My stepdaughter jumps out of her skin every time the advertisement comes on and she would absolutely love to go. Would be awesome to surprise her with tickets.

  10. I don’t know any one person or any other family that loves The Sound of Music as much as my best friend Colette does. It just does something for her that nothing else does – her entire face changes when she hears or sings the music. Her three kids have been raised to adore the musical; and even her husband, a “men’s man”, has fallen under its spell. So, my entry is for her, and hopefully the entire family can experience it with her.

  11. Meagan Abrahams

    I need to get my daughter to understand the hype about the sound of music madness. Taking her to see this musical will definitely make her understand my obsession 🙂

  12. I saw the movie as a young child, now I would love to take my 87year old mom to see the musical – she always loved Christopher Plummer in the lead role, a role Andre Schwartz would play to perfection!

  13. Bieke Theuwissen

    I had the music taped on VHS and played it over and over until the tape broke! Would love to share this musical live wih my children!! 🤞🍀

  14. Perfect going with my little son.. Loves the song ‘do re me’ .. And I’m sure gonna love watching it live with him…

  15. Michelle Marcus

    I would love to go and see this… pick me please!!! ⛰🎵🎶⛰🎵🎶⛰🎵🎶⛰🎵🎶⛰🎵🎶⛰🎵🎶⛰ 🎫🎫🎫

  16. Rosemary O'Carroll

    What a trip down memory lane of my most favourite childhood movie. It would be the most wonderful treat to experience again.

  17. Brenda Bryden

    Oh yes please, our all-time favourite musical, I watch this movie over and over and have seen several high school and amateur productions of this classic with its foot-tapping, finger-drumming, sing-along music. My daughter plays guitar and teaches her preschool charges, ‘Do-Re-Mi’, she’s a veritable Maria in her own way. I would love to win these tickets and treat my lovely student teacher daughter to a night out as she is so busy teaching, studying and currently writing UNISA exams, this would give her a welcome break and reward for all her hard work and efforts.

  18. PLEASE ….
    Would be amazing to see this live on stage.
    I remember watching the movie somewhere in the 1960’s and it was wonderful … sigh

  19. Carlisle Johnson

    Never been to a live musical before. Would love to see this as I’m a kid from the 80s so The Sound Of Music was a perennial favourite in our house!

  20. Naaielah Harris

    This has got to be my kids all time favorite. Between the two of them I have watched this movie hundreds of times and always enjoy it. This would be an absolutely awesome mothers day and birthday gift. 🙂

  21. Catherine Green

    I watched this movie over and over. My husband and my anniversay this month i would love to win this prze and go watch the live music show with him.

  22. Deidre Hendricks

    To see it on stag would be simply amazing and thrilling, oh please pick me!! a childhood favourite xxx

  23. Laura Nielsen

    My mother watches this movie all the time…. she would be estatic to watch this. She has been so sickly lately and a blast from the past would brighten her spirits right up

  24. My mother watches this movie all the time…. she would be estatic to watch this. She has been so sickly lately and a blast from the past would brighten her spirits right up.

  25. I love the Sound of Music ever since I was a child. Would love to take my daughter, who is also a mom now. Please, Please.

  26. Tatum Mullins

    I grew up watching this movie and singing these tunes in and around the house. I would love to take Momsy to see it live as it’s her birthday month AND Mother’s day soon. She will be thrilled and so will I!

  27. Josephine Joseph

    Watched this movie soooo many times, it would be an honour to see this on stage!!! I would be absolutely thrilled and forever grateful if I am chosen to win the tickets on offer!!

  28. As the great Maria once said “I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t seem to stop saying things — anything and everything I think and feel.”
    My heart started singing when I heard me, little old Nikki could possible go and see this absolute beautiful one of a kind musical and also share this amazing moment with my hubby
    There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who’s in love with him.. (I’m a fan… Can you tell) I would ofcourse take my hubby we would love this to bits as these are one of our favourite things so I hope to hear from you soon hehe .. So long, farewell

  29. Melissa Boonzaaier

    I am a PhD graduate and resigned from my job as an environmental consultant to pursue postdoctoral research in marine science. I have not yet found a job/postdoc after two months of resignation and I would love to win this pair of tickets – since my finances are strained currently – for my mom to enjoy as a gift for her 60th birthday on 26 May 2018. The Sound of Music has been and is still enjoyed by our family for many years – and it will always remain as part of my favourite childhood memories shared with my family.

  30. I have an aunt who still has this Movie on those old videotapes, and we watched them a lot. If I were to win, I would love to take her as repayment for babysitting me all those years.

  31. I’m oooooooobsessed with musicals and The Sound of Music is hands down one of my childhood faves. Not only would I love to watch it but I’m also trying to get my fiance to experience more theatre and so this would be perfect!

  32. Do I win the prize for spotting the deliberate mistake? It was Rogers and Hammerstein not Andrew Lloyd Webber who wrote the Sound of Music!

  33. koula robertson

    Koula Robertson – yes – this is an evergreen classic – music full of fun. Thank you would love to show one of my grandchildren the stuff we used to watch !

  34. Vanessa Buys

    Please permit me to gain the ever lasting favour of my mother dearest by bestowing these tickets upon us. She will see me as a lass of culture and reform as opposed to the current Tank Girl status I am currently swimming in… VERILY!

  35. Nadine Fullerton

    Nadine Fullerton

    This would be amazing. My husband actually said if there is one musical he would love to see it would be this one. Would have gone but as life decided that we can’t due to financial constraints, it would be amazing if I could win some tickets and treat him to a well deserved break from reality, and what better way than this amazing production. Would be my first ever musical and I think it would just be a fantastic experience. Loved the movie and had to do exams on it in school.

    Have a great Day to all.

  36. My Grandad bought us the video cassette of this brilliant film when it first came out. A firm family favourite viewed over and over again over the years by all his grand-daughters, daughters & emabarrasingly enough, even the guys in the family . Eventually bought the DVD edition as electricity outages prevented us watching regular TV so (how do yo solve a problem like …) gave up on the video & used the laptop for a good sit in the dark family sing-a-long.
    Grandad is no longer with us but my mum will be back here for the month of May & it would be so special to enjoy her Dad’s (and ours) favourite with her once more.
    P.S: Search for Maria was a SUPER series.

  37. Elizabeth Laubscher

    I would love to see this play. My Dad always played the sound track for us as kids to improve our English language. I still recite the words to my grand-kids as I did to my kids “The rain in Spain fall mainly on the plain” Lol!

  38. I am friends with guys that actually were on stage acting in Jimbo, Grease and so forth- they have exposed me to the art and love of theatre and this would be great to win and enjoy with one of my friends. It would be a gift for me that would mean the world to them

  39. Sound of Music where do I start…..Remembering watching it as a 9-10 Year old with at my friends home on a Old Projector film… Sweet childhood memories. Do-Re-Mi, Eidelweiss,Sixteen Going on Seventeen,Climb Every Mountain…. Childhood Dream come true for sure!!!!!!!!!!

  40. It would be a chilhood dream come true to attend the musical and sing along to every song!

    Like me ,they still have not solved a problem like Maria!

  41. I’d love to treat my aunty (my second mom) to this. It’s her childhood favorite, and she introduced it into my life too. Absolutely love!

  42. My mother would love this.It’s a big part of her childhood memories and she performed in this play as a child.I’ve never seen this musical and it would be absolutely great to get the experience.

  43. I watched the sound of music 28 years ago. Played it for my daughter the other day and she simply loved it.

  44. I would absolutely love to win tickets to go and see this spectacular performance with my husband . Would be a lovely spoil, Especially before we become parents for the first time this year.

  45. This is far and away the most watched dvd of all time in our family, across the generations. It was the first film I ever saw, and it remains the gold standard. I’m entering on behalf of the multitude but we’d have to have a second draw to see who would have the privilege of seeing the live show – thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Ive Never Seen The Sound Of Music as a Live Show before, was blown away by previous shows at The Artscape Such as Annie and Absolutely Loved The Cast and Set of West Side Story, truly extraordinary.

  47. I’ve got the DVD, watched the movie probably over 50 times and by now know all the tunes!
    Would LOVE to see the LIVE musical !!!

  48. Would be amazing to treat my mother to this live show because it was her favorite movie when it came out, and still is.

  49. My fiance would be absolutely thrilled to attend this! please please please please please can we win a pair of tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. never get the chance to go and see a show as money is tight as I am a single mom and all goes towards the kids – would LOVE to sit an relax with no worries to the music of the Sound of Music 🙂

  51. Wow nostalgia is kicking in i love this i would go so “far” say i would “dow”anything to get this little “ray”of sunshine in my life

  52. Luciano dos Santos

    The hills are alive….with the sound of musiiiiiiiiic! Watched the movie many times and would love to see the show.

  53. James Stoffberg

    The Sound of Music – one of my ABSOLUTE PERSONALLY GLORIFIED MOVIES. Wouldn’t even be able to imagine the immense excitement I would be expressing if I had the opportunity to win these tickets for myself and my dear darling chikidee of a friend.

  54. I have the DVD and I watched the show over and over again … know all the songs by heart. Would love to take my sis to watch it with me.

  55. THis would be the best treat I could give my Mom, even if it means me flying her from PE to see the show

  56. Eden Bezuidenhout

    Would be such a dream come true to see one of my favourite musicals live! This opportunity cannot be missed! 😁🎉

  57. Robyn du Plessis

    YES! I danced in artscape with Cape Town City Ballet Company for atleast 12 years of my life and know a lot of the cast. It would be so great to go and support. If I can’t be on stage, the audience is the next best place to be! 🎭🎟

  58. I would definitly take my little niece with me (she’s 2!) She would the experience and I would love to expose her more to musical thearte.

  59. Quanita Rossouw

    This is DEFINTITELY one play I’d love to take my 9 year old daughter to watch!!! Every month, the 2 of us would snuggle up and watch the movie (our own movie night) – the play would just take it to the next level!!!

  60. I am ‘sixteen going on seventeen’ but ‘one of my favourite things’ is ‘climbing every mountain’ in the hope that ‘something good’ will come of it, perhaps hearing the sweet ‘Sound Of Music’ or my meeting my ‘Maria’. Then for me it will be ‘So long, farewell’.

  61. I remember watching this for the first time…drove everyone crazy singing the lyrics i could remember

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