Special Effects Media South Africa


Special Effects Media South AfricaSpecial Effects Media South Africa is a local online video specialist business with a YouTube Multi-Channel Network – including a fully equipped studio space. 

The team, headed up by co-founder and CEO Danilo Acquisto, specialise in everything video related and provide influencer campaigns, content and channel management.

The team are YouTube Certified, they have a YouTube Content Owner (CO) and offer digital marketing tools and services for brands, influencers and creatives wanting to boost their online video presence

The Content Hub is the company’s very own studio – a multipurpose production space tailored for video and photo shoots, recording podcasts and hosting webinars. 

Virtual tour of the space can be viewed here: speceffectmedia.co.za/studio/

The Special Effects Media South Africa team offers full service production (pre & post) and gear requirements, and the studio is located at Roamwork which also hosts great wifi, meeting rooms and break out areas.

Location: 2nd Floor, The Harrington, 50 Harrington St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Email: danilo@speceffectmedia.co.za
Website: speceffectmedia.co.za
Instagram: @specialeffectsmediasa



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