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Feed your Body and Nourish you Mind What's on in Cape Town Sport ScienceThe Sport Science Institute’s Education Hub offers a range of online short courses aimed at those who want to improve their knowledge and better their performance. It may be The Sport Science Institute’s ‘Nutrition Reconsidered: a relook at the science and practice’ or ‘Optimise your Sleep’ course that is the investment which guides you towards living out a fulfilling lifestyle.

If you believe that you will learn more from a practical, hands-on approach, The Sport Science Institute also offers programmes, two of which are Go-4-It and The Healthy Weight Programme. Go-4-It is an 8-week tailored programme with a trained Biokineticist in which participants learn about their body profile and how to best train. This information then informs an individualised training programme. The Healthy Weight Programme is a 12-week structured, monitored and integrated weight-loss and lifestyle intervention programme, which assists you to educate yourself and leave with increased awareness and decreased weight! The next Healthy Weight Programme begins on the 29 April 2019.

Venue: Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Boundary Rd, Newlands, Cape Town
Various | The Healthy Weight Programme 29 April 

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