Stay Mentally Healthy at Home


Due to lockdown, we are spending a lot more time inside, at home and with our thoughts. Movement, mindfulness and finding support can be a game-changer if you are struggling during this intense time. Here is our list of local businesses offering you support through yoga, counselling, theory and coaching.

Stay Mentally Healthy at Home

The Om Revolution

The Om Revolution has been known for offering yoga classes in many of Cape Town’s most beautiful and tranquil environments. Since times have changed, they now offer online classes via Zoom and have a permit for their instructors to teach clients privately in the comfort of their homes.

During the month of July, The Om Revolution will be focusing on the power of yoga and meditation in assisting with stress reduction. Many of their classes will include information regarding how stress affects us and how we can recognise red flags in our bodies. 

The Om Revolution offers one to two online yoga classes every day of the week. For a single drop-in class, you’ll pay a budget-friendly R80. Otherwise, you may choose to purchase a 5 class pass for R300 or purchase a month of unlimited yoga for R400. 

Find their schedule and instructor introductions on their website. 

Online Class Schedule:

Contact: | 063 868 0899
Facebook: theomrevolutioncapetownyoga
Instagram: theomrevolution

Stay Mentally Healthy at Home

Anita Prag | Clinical Psychologist

In response to the risk of Covid-19, Anita Prag is working with patients via online methods, along with traditional sessions. She offers individual clinical psychology sessions, couples counselling, play therapy as well as supervision. 

As a clinical psychologist in private practice, Anita’s intention is to offer a warm, containing and vibrant atmosphere in which you can learn about yourself and so improve the quality of your life. 

Anita’s approach includes establishing comfort and trust, before co-creating insights. In light of who you are and your circumstances, Anita will tailor her approach, using insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioural techniques. 

Anita’s personal curiosity about life and how we live it has contributed to her compassion and deep respect when bearing witness to life stories that are fraught with pain, as well as those of great resilience and love. She is comfortable working with people from all walks of life, ages and who present with the range of life’s challenges.

Contact: | 021 715 6756


While their physical Constantia studio is temporarily closed due to lockdown, YogaSpirit is offering online yoga classes to people of all ages and all abilities. Their aim is to assist you with stress-release and offer good quality exercise through conscious movement, focus on breath and fun, intelligent sequencing.

YogaSpirit offers you variety, with classes of different yoga styles happening three to four days per day, seven times a week. If you are in need of restoration, you may join one of their Yin classes, otherwise if you’d like to build strength, join one of their Power Vinyasa classes. For unlimited online yoga, you can pay R780 per month and book classes via the free Mindbody App. 

YogaSpirit wants yoga to be accessible to everyone. Therefore, if you are currently not able to pay for their classes, they offer free classes on YouTube via their sister company, Inner Zen Garden, for you to access any time of the day – all you need to do is subscribe.

They also offer daily 3-minute morning meditations. To register and find out more, email YogaSpirit.

Online Class Schedule:

YouTube: Inner Zen Garden

Stay Mentally Healthy at Home

Annie Byrne | Integrated Holistic Counselling

As a holistic practitioner, Annie aims to guide you to new, healthier ways of navigating both your internal and external worlds. She uses her background in Mindfulness and Narrative therapy to hold a safe and nurturing environment for your healing and self-growth.

She is a big advocate for self-love and a big part of therapy with her will be developing a relationship with yourself, learning to trust yourself deeply and, essentially, learning the tools to become your own healer.

Annie has recently founded the Co-healing Collective, a community of conscious women connecting in order to heal together. The Co-healing Collective will soon launch workshops, tools and events, by women, for women. She will also soon be launching her Intro to Holistic Healing Guide for self-healing. Look out for this, as well as other Eguides in the future. 

Annie offers a variety of free resources on her website. These included meditations on self-love, letting go and setting intentions, as well as blog articles on various topics.

Contact: | 066 244 5927
Facebook: therapywithannie
Instagram: therapy_with_annie | co-healing collective

Stay Mentally Healthy at Home

Abigail Samuelson | Women’s Coach

As a life coach, Abigail assists young women to find their personal power and create full, consciously-chosen lives. Her clients are high-school students, university students and recent graduates who feel like they are playing small and are ready to live with a greater sense of purpose, direction and confidence.

Abigail creates a safe space for clients to develop a deep sense of self-love, self-trust and self-acceptance. She assists clients to unpack their beliefs and to become conscious of the lens through which they view their world and their opportunities. As a result, Abigail assists clients to ‘come home to themselves’ and create lives from a place of personal power. 

Abigail currently offers coaching sessions and free monthly women’s circles via Zoom. She will soon be launching her coaching packages. For more information, follow her on Instagram. 

Abigail is currently finalising her postgraduate diploma in coaching at The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) and is a member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).

Contact: | 079 484 7949
Facebook: abigailsamuelson
Instagram: abigail_samuelson

Stay Mentally Healthy at Home

Secret Sunrise

Secret Sunrise is a global silent guided dance and meditation community. They are on a mission to celebrate life and change the world through music, movement and connection. The unique concept was born under African skies and has since spread to 16 cities across the world.

Due to social distancing and lockdown, Secret Sunrise has moved their events online via Zoom, with the wonderful benefit of allowing participants to feel a sense of community on a global scale. Expect Secret Sunrise events to include a variety of music genres and mindful practices, including meditation, breathwork, movement and of course dance.

The next Secret Sunrise event, happening on 11 July, takes you on a journey around the world, visiting each city in which Secret Sunrise operates. To join, purchase your ticket on their website, keep an eye out for the Zoom link, have your laptop ready, wireless headphones or speaker and your dancing shoes!

Secret Sunrise has also recently launched their Joy Online, One Month Membership. For more information, visit their website.


Facebook: secretsunrisecapetown
Instagram: secretsunrisecpt


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