‘Still Life with Flowers’ by Wim Botha at Stevenson

19 March 2019 to 11 May 2019

Wim Botha presents ‘Still Life with Flowers’, a series of oil paintings and sculptures, in his ninth exhibition at the Stevenson Gallery.

He depicts natural environments and landscapes through forms crafted with wood, wax, and marble. Elements of flora are illustrated by oil paintings on raw cotton. The canvases are layered in dark hues with natural pigments and ash.

‘Still Life with Flowers’ is described as an “introspective counterpart” to Botha’s recent exhibitions which featured crystalline forms, reflective surfaces and fluorescent fixtures engaging light and movement.

Botha has commissioned work for Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York and is presenting existing pieces and new installations at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

‘Still Life with Flowers’ opens on Tuesday 19 March from 6pm to 8pm

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