Sweet Savannah Furniture and Fabrics


Perhaps the facelift your interior needs is a sense of ethnic African twist that will give it a bold but sophisticated punch.

Sweet Savannah is an independent interior decor brand that produces modern furniture and decor pieces with African-inspired mesmerising prints and vibrant colours to liven up in any space in your home. They cleverly refer to the style as ‘ContAfricafrican’, a mash-up of contemporary African.

The collection includes a range of soft furniture, stools, ottomans, and hard furniture including wooden tables, reception desks and room stands.

For those looking for a more special touch, the group also do bespoke creations to help craft your decor identity.

The Sweet Savannah team recently launched their new Velvet Ndebele & Shweshwe print fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings. These custom-made textiles are sourced, printed, and designed by the Fabric Bank and eliminate issues of longevity and rub count.

More tips and style inspiration can be found on their website and social media pages.

Tel: 060 748 3157
Email: cecilia@homess.co.za
Website: www.sweetsavannah.africa 
Facebook: @poggab
Instagram: @home_sweet_savannah


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