Tabu Fermented and Macrobiotic Vegan Foods


Tabu manufactures and provides high-quality, plant-based whole fermented foods and imported Japanese macrobiotic products. They also offer vegan macrobiotic consultations, counselling, and seminars, all of which are based on the age-old principles of the Macrobiotic Diet as developed by George Osawa.

Their products include, but are not limited to Tempeh, miso, pickled vegetables, teas, tempeh burger patties, sea vegetables and dry products. Tempeh is a complete protein that contains all 9 of the essential amino acids. Consumed fresh, tempeh has a pleasant mushroom/nutty flavour and readily absorbs flavours of other ingredients when used in recipes.

Mika, the chef behind many of Tabu’s products, discovered macrobiotics 13 years ago. She realised that health and wellness lie not with good food alone, but with every aspect of how we choose to live our lives. As a result, she changed her direction to a whole-plant-based diet and is now promoting this incredibly delicious and healing way of eating.

All of Tabu’s products are certified organic, are non-GMO and in most cases, locally sourced. Whilst manufacturing, the macrobiotic principles are strictly adhered to, ensuring a perfect balance between Yin and Yang. This promotes a balanced, alkaline diet.

Shop the full range of Tabu foods via their online store, and selected products can be found at local stockists.

Tel: 083 409 4224
Facebook: @tabufoodSA
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