Tandava Dancing by The Laboratory of Love


Tandava Dancing at The Laboratory of LoveValentina Leo is teaching live tandava classes via Zoom or, alternatively, recordings of the classes can be purchased for thos who prefer to practice in their own time.

Valentina Leo aka “Mrs Love” – founder of The Laboratory of Love and former Madame Zingara performer and creative director – teaches dance not for entertainment but as a form of meditation. Tandava, Valentina explains, “is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception of the cosmic body and attunement to our infinite nature.” Apparently it’s so simple that it requires hours and hours of practice, because our minds are so used to overcomplicating things, and are constantly looking for problems to solve. In tandava, the focus is on “bypassing your thinking mind” and listening to your body – dancers are encouraged to be free, and accept the movement that comes to them. “It’s the dance of true spontaneity and loving acceptance of all that we are.”

For more information and to join, click here.

Venue: Zoom
Times: Mon at 11am | Wed at 6.30pm
Price: A recommended offer-what-you-can of R100 per class

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Tel: 084 500 1973
Email: info@valentinaleo.org
Website: www.thelaboratoryoflove.com
Facebook: Valentina Leo
Instagram: @mrslove


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