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The Re-StoreThe Re-Store upholds an eco-friendly lifestyle inviting everyone to join the cause for zero-waste living, eliminating the need for plastic so that people can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Wiebke Venter, Leon Venter, and Leani Venter run this family business offering a range of natural products, such as body care essentials that are available for delivery.

These items are organic, biodegradable as well as reusable and non-detrimental to the environment. Everyone can go about daily routines from brushing your teeth to removing make-up while contributing to sustainable living. The team has incorporated such items in their own lives, sharing their ideas through these tested products in support of both the Mother City and Mother Nature. Think of everyday products reimagined from the antibacterial properties of a bamboo toothbrush to a daily moisturizer rich in fatty acids & vitamins and natural ingredients.

The Re-Store regularly increases their range of fantastic zero waste body, beauty, and household products combined with practicality and infused in eco-efficient methods. Back 2 Nature is one of the product selections on offer that maintains healthy food for the skin. The online catalogue also offers some travel items and biodegradable soaps from Nourish and the Natural Yogi brand has deodorant that provides essential anti-pore blocking with added benefits.

All available products can be viewed here:

Tel: 079 479 0041
Facebook: therestoreza
Instagram: @therestoreza


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