Review: Paperboy


Grant-Jacobs-in-PaperBoyIf laughter and fun is what you need to counter the concerns of the New Year, then I suggest you go and watch Paperboy.  This fast-paced and supercharged show will keep you entertained and busting with laughter from start to finish.

Written and performed by the talented Grant Jacobs, this is the story of a young man coming of age. Bobby Jones is a paperboy who harbours the ambitions of becoming nothing less than… a master paperboy.

In his day to day work delivering newspapers to the residents of Alice Road, Bobby interacts with some interesting characters who keep him informed of the goings on of the neighborhood. Inspired by James Bond he tries a few tricks such as lobbing the newspaper, grenade-style, into a yard.  Unfortunately one such paper flies straight through an open window, smashing the vase containing Mrs Moodley’s ashes.

This utterly believable scenario leads to a series of increasingly ridiculous but hilarious attempts to retrieve the newspaper before Mr. Moodley discovers the culprit.

Directed by the award-winning Liam Magner this show won a 2011 Standard Bank Ovation award at the National Arts Festival and has been performed to great acclaim both nationally and in Zimbabwe.

Grant Jacobs is truly impressive as the myriad of characters involved in the story, delivering his lines with energy and pinpoint accuracy through the various anecdotes, songs and poems – a clear indication of a talented and well-prepared actor, and one to whom the audience responded in spades.

Kalk Bay Theatre is a perfect venue for this comedy since it is small and yet warm and inviting, ensuring maximum connection between the actor and the audience. The venue has also undergone a major facelift and now looks amazing.

Luvuyo Mncanca

Paperboy ran at the Kalk Bay Theatre from 12 to 15 February 2014.


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