Review: Top of the Food Lady Godiva #2


Review: Top of the Food Lady Godiva #2Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Pop-up food event – Lady Godiva. Organised by Top of the Food and hosted at Clarke’s Diner and Bar, Lady Godiva focuses on foraged ingredients, serving delectable dishes that are sure to tease with your taste buds. 

The event was held at the back end of the lovingly cozy restaurant. I was immediately warmly welcomed as I entered the setting. Smooth jazz, courtesy of the James Nevin Trio, flowed over friendly chatter while I took my seat at a table of 12. 

Usually I’m not a fan of forced socialising but this proved to be an exception. Everything was organised very comfortably and friendly conversation was abundant. This was when Nic, one of the organisers from Top of the Food, cut through the amicable conversation with an announcement of the dishes to be served. 

From glassy kelp noodles, which evoked a palate pleasing image of the ocean, to gently simmered Springbok, or the bursting flavours of their stuffed Aubergine, each dish had something unique and intriguing, worthy of a hearty boast. And what was a flowing conversation between myself and the friendly seated strangers then naturally became comfortable silence, broken mainly by the onomatopoeia of our collective sighs of content.  

This is what truly stood out about the night. Sitting next to a group you know nothing about and bonding over what all can appreciate – good food and good music. Any aspiring foodie should be on the lookout for future Top of the Food events. They do Lady Godiva monthly, and are sure to go far.

Yusuf Latief




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