A Treasure-trove of Tetrapod Fossils

28 to 28 April 2021

A Treasure-trove of Tetrapod FossilsPalaeontologist Dr Derik Wolvaardt discusses preserved tetrapod fossils in a talk hosted online by The Friends of Iziko SA Museum.

The talk sees Dr Wolvaardt discuss findings from the farm Lemoenfontein in the southern Free State. In 1976 James Kitching spotted what he identified as cynodont burrow casts and a few Trirachodon and procolophonid skulls.

Dr Wolvaardt’s subsequent exploration of this locality revealed that its rocks record a diverse faunal record. Since that time a variety of well-preserved fossils have been found. To date 124 skulls of at least six different taxa, many with articulated skeletons have been unearthed. This site is generating information that will help to reconstruct the palaeoenvironments and palaeoecology of Middle Triassic tetrapods more accurately.

Venue: Online
Time: 6pm
Cost: R65

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