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Unfinished Foreshore Bridge – Plans Announced

Unfinished Foreshore Bridge
The incomplete Foreshore Freeway Bridge

Nearly 40 years after its construction was abandoned, a plan has finally been made for the unfinished Foreshore bridge that runs from Helen Suzman Boulevard in Green Point.

The flyover road was originally conceptualised and designed in the late 1960s as a way to relieve the traffic congestion which city planners believed might be a problem in future. Construction began in the early 1970s but was brought to an abrupt halt in 1977 with no clear explanation given at the time. Urban legend has it that an error in the design meant that the two ends would not meet up correctly, but the official response – eventually – was that the city’s tight budget could not justify the bridge’s completion at a time when existing congestion was not a huge problem.

Clearly visible on Google Earth, the bridge has since become a local landmark and a popular movie location.

In 2014 approximately 200 design students exhibited proposals for what to do with the bridge.  Ideas included planting trees on the overpass, turning it into a roller coaster or skate park, creating a street arcade below and even a memorial garden for the dead.  See the video below for one of these ideas.

Last week, however, a solution was finally announced.  In the year that Cape Town is reported by TomTom Traffic Index to be the most congested city in South Africa for the third year running, the decision has been made that the bridge will become…. a road, connecting to the N1 route which runs out of Cape Town on the road to Paarl, with an aim to relieve traffic congestion.



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  1. Absolute joke to even consider a garden when Cape Town suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the worlds. Not to mention the current and future water restrictions. Get real, connect the flyovers for some traffic alleviation.

  2. Just connect the two bridges already, why is that such a problem. The vehicle licensing and tax will pay for it.

    Build anything else, who foots the bill and how soon will it become a burden on The City? The Cape Town Stadium is a similar but larger problem,


    Join the two ends and forget the gardens they will never be looked after and will be overrun with street people forming squatter camps like the rest of Cape Town. Sorry to be negative, but they are everywhere and no-one is doing anything about the situation. I love CT <3

  4. I would like to know if any provision has been made with regard to our dire water situation for the coming summer. How full is the Tierwaterskloof dam now etc as all is very quiet on the issue. Concerned about the summer.

  5. Marc-Andre Daniels

    Concept is excellent — direct flow from Sea Point across the Foreshore to the Western Seaboard. But, given past performance on such grand designs, it’s already doomed to certain failure. I know I’m being negative here, but do we really need to wait for an expensive exercise to fail, to only then concede we should have known better….?

  6. in 2014 my PROPOSAL was………, wait for it…….., “how about connecting the 2 loos ends” just a single lane flyover would be monumental, they could make it line up ;-o

  7. PLEASE relieve congestion…..go for it and continue with the bridge/road project.
    Cant the city invest in MONO RAILS !!!
    Its cost effective and can be made high enough to at places to pass bridges/highways.

    • What is your issue with the South Easter? That the flyover will be blown down? Or that cars will be blown off the bridge?

  8. That’s certainly not before time, now can we start a call for a tunnel through Table Mountain to relieve that S Suburbs traffic please!

    • Flyover freeways around Table Mountain are probably a more feasible option than tunnelling through the mountain.


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