Vredenheim Big Cats Park


vredenheim big cats parkThe Vredenheim Big Cats Park was fully approved by Cape Nature, is currently home to 3 adult brown lions, 2 adult white lions, 1 white lion cub, 2 brown lion cubs, 2 caracal, 1 cheetah, 1 leopard and 2 Bengal tigers. Our enclosures are large and spacious, and offer each cat their own “creature comforts”, such as a play area and swimming pool for our tigers, long grass for our leopard and cheetah, and a big, comfortable rock for our male white lion to sun himself on during the day.

Visitors to the Vredenheim Big Cats Park can enjoy the rare and exciting experience of being able to view these beautiful creatures up close, but still from the safety of our viewing decks and behind the enclosure fences! After all, these are wild animals and we respect them as such.

Venue: Vredenheim, R310, Stellenbosch
Time: 9am to 4pm daily excl. Good Friday & Christmas Day
Cost: R 50 adults  |  R 30 children & pensioners

Tel: 021 881 3878
Facebook: Vredenheim
Twitter: @Vredenheim

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