30 Water Saving Tips to Prepare for Day Zero

Water saving tips
Day Zero is now predicted to be on 12 April 2018. Check out this list of useful water saving tips to prepare for the day Cape Town runs dry. For more methods to help you understand where you might save water, take a look at what you can do with 50 litres of water.
1. Stock up on bottled water exclusively for drinking while the water stations figure themselves out.
2. Stock up on baby wipes.
3. Use Dry shampoo or baby powder to prolong the time between washes (you will not be able to wash anyway).
4. Buy Wee Pong (a flush alternative).
5. Make a solution of vinegar and water or Staysoft and water to spray clothes and hang up to air.
6. Paper plates are not eco-friendly. However if you are braaing use the used paper plates in the fire. As an alternative, make up a spray bottle with rinse free dish soap and water, and wipe down lightly dirtied dishes with that. As for heavier loads, a load of dishes is almost inevitable.
7. Water purification tablets for the rain water we are able to catch from our existing setup, plus
8. Milton to add to water to wash veg. With the listeriosis outbreak we can’t afford not to wash our fresh produce.
9. Stock up on non-perishables
10. Hand sanitizer (and hand cream because that stuff gets pretty harsh after a while)
11. Bicarb and vinegar, as amazing cleaning supplies that don’t destroy water for grey use
12. Dodgy tummy prep: Rehydrat, Medizine, Immodium, Buscopan, probiotics and extra toilet paper.
13. Have a sponge bath with a small bucket and sponge.
14. Use wet wipes to wash your self.
15. Get a fire extinguisher for obvious reasons.
16. Stock up on extra underwear (and cheap sleeping shirts).
17. If using toilet for just peeing, throw toilet paper away and not in toilet (in a separate lined bin that’s cleaned daily). This will cut down on backing up of toilet paper in the toilet allowing you to extend time between flushes with grey water.
18. Baking soda can control toilet paper odours if throwing toilet paper away.
19. Fill toilet cistern with grey water rather than pour into toilet. Use vinegar in the toilet and drains to help with any odours and bacteria.
20. Clean with microfibre cloths or rags as sponges become unsanitary. Easier to clean cloths and hanging up immediately can delay them smelling. You can also throw rags away.
21. Eat straight from the braai! No pots or pans to wash.
22. Line plates with plastic so you can peel off plastic and have clean plates.
23. Use apple cider vinegar to naturally deodorize your armpits and go without showering.
24. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton to avoid odours developing from sweat and bacteria.
25. Ladies, extend underwear life by wearing panty liners.
26. If you do have to wash plates, pans, cutlery, etc, first wipe mess and dirt off with paper towel, to make water less dirty.
27. Instead of pouring water into sink, pour into plastic tub, can reuse dirty water in toilet.
28. Clean counters with disposable wipes.
29. Vinegar can also be used for wiping and cleaning, with paper towels, without having to rinse down counters.
30.  Do as much meal prep as possible in one go and freeze extra portions – minimises washing up of pans etc.
Do you have more water saving tips? Share with us in the comment section.

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  1. Clothes that really only need fresh up agter being worn a couple of times (sweaty shirts/smelly pants), put full bundle in washing machine with fabruc softner on rinse cycle and then spin, no need for wash if it is not dirty only smelly.


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