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Waterwise Initiatives for Capetonians


Despite the recent push-back of Day Zero, water scarcity continues to be a legitimate concern for all Capetonians. It is the responsibility of every local and every visitor to conserve as much water as possible. Benn van der Westhuizen throws a spotlight on a few initiatives which can help reduce your hydro footprint in more ways than one.



The low-down: The folks at have introduced a new section to their online store designed to cater to the needs of local water heroes. Save Water offers a uniquely curated range of items from water-saving shower heads to water-storing tanks, from buckets to baby wipes, and from greywater systems to easigrass to bring some green back to your garden. The portal is convenient, easy to navigate, and covers ingenious ways to decrease your usage in the kitchen, bathroom and garden. Cape Town is after all home to the headquarters of this retail giant.

As its many loyal customers will attest, Takealot offers secure online payment options, dependable delivery times (orders over R450 are free!) and excellent customer service.

Get R150 off your first purchase of R350 or more when using the coupon code SAVEWATER at checkout. This coupon is valid until 11 March 2018.



Stand a chance to win one of four Takealot vouchers worth R500! To enter, simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye on the posts to see how to enter.


Green Planet


The low-down: A culprit of major water usage is the conventional washing machine. Opting for shorter cycles or eco-friendly devices will still pose a strain on your water consumption. Happily the sustainable saviours at Green Planet Laundry are on hand to ease the city’s much-pressured water supply. Founders Tony Soares and Pieter Cillie brainstormed an innovative operation which bypasses the city’s pressured water supply while keeping clothes in top notch condition. A borehole system serves as a primary water source for the laundromat, and the purification process uses solar energy. And to expand on their eco brilliance, Green Planet Laundry recycles 50% of its grey water therefore drastically reducing the amount of borehole water required. This engineering elegance ticks so many boxes – ecologically sound, economically strong, and entrepreneurially advanced. These Cape Town sustainability crusaders are also thinking up ways to fuel their entire facility via wind power.

Green Planet Laundry is situated in the Airport Industria area and runs a slick delivery set-up for all laundry requirements. And they stack up nicely next to local laundromats, with fiercely competitive pricing per kilogram as well as a host of dry cleaning and efficient service options. Contact Soares and his team for more info.

Tel: 021 380 0339
Facebook: @GreenPlanetLaundry
Instagram: @greenplanetlaundry


Cape Town Water Savers


The low-down:  As chores go, dishwashing not only consumes valuable water but most of us would agree it is particularly boring and messy.  But it is no longer necessary, thanks to Cape Town Water Savers’ new eco-conscious crockery and cutlery range. As founder Sarina Jordaan points out “Saving water by switching to disposable plastic will just create other problems years down the line! Biodegradable and fully compostable dinnerware and cutlery is the only answer.” This stylish and sophisticated dining collection is entirely made up of biodegradable material such as sugarcane and wood. Heat and oil-resistant cups and plates are lined with fermented cornstarch, rather than plastic polyethylene, to enhance not only its thermal properties but also its eco-credentials.

Jordaan’s emphasis on biodegradable produce comes at a time when many of the world’s eco capitals are pushing for more renewable initiatives at home. Indeed, the City of Cape Town is implementing an innovative home composting concept. The programme offers free composting bins to qualifying residents in order to divert organic household waste.  The Cape Town Water Savers range comes highly recommended for restaurants, hotels, or individuals looking to make a contribution to the water crisis.

Cape Town Water Savers is currently an online-only store running a delivery service in Cape Town and surrounding areas such as Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

Tel: 082 496 5277
Facebook: @Capetownwatersavers


Riverside Aquatics


The low-down: Maintaining a conventional swimming pool is a headache right now. For those wondering what to do, Riverside Aquatics has tuned in to the advantages of chemical-free natural pools. The movement has been de rigeur in Europe since the 1980’s, so the science behind it is well researched and developed. Belgian expat Pierre Depaepe and his professional team have completed dozens of projects for residential and commercial pool lovers over the past 21 years. So he’s got a knack at prioritising client education in order to set realistic landscaping expectations.

Riverside Aquatics is adept at both new excavations and conversions of existing pools to eco-friendly versions. The initial costs, though steep, are quickly offset by minimal operating expenses – no chemicals or high-powered pool pumps are required. A sophisticated biofiltration system and efficient hydraulic design ensure constant circulation to keep water fresh.  Harvested rainwater is used to top up, while the municipal variety is distinctly avoided due to its chlorine content.  Chemical-laden pools are likely to become a thing of the past, as more Capetonians opt to refresh themselves in the visual and ecological beauty of a balanced ecosystem.

Tel: 021 852 7535 | 072 154 0717
Facebook: @Riverside-Aquatics




The low-down: A key step to conserving water is getting a clear scope on your actual usage. TapOff is a free app that helps reconcile your water bill into a simplified format. Remarkably easy to navigate, TapOff delivers reliable #CTWaterCrisis updates to its growing number of members on such details as current dam levels, rainfall stats, and the city’s daily consumption rate. But their ultimate trump card is their ‘Leaderboard’ game feature. Members can anonymously upload their basic household water stats to the app, which then formulates and ranks their data alongside that of hundreds of other participants in Cape Town. As a user you can then humbly brag about your stats on social media platforms.

TapOff’s ingenious interactive appeal is a subtle and playful motivation for members to lower their usage while moving up the water-saving ladder. And the suburb filter can unearth some impressive – and in some cases, inconvenient – home truths.

The sharp-shooting digital disruptors at AUX Studio have tapped (pun intended) into a tech-savvy world to create an essential, effortless, and aesthetically pleasing platform. The rapid-prototyping team is constantly investing in tweaking the TapOff app and rolling out improvements each month. Tap in!

Tel: 021 448 7167
Download the App: iOS and Android

Facebook: @AUXcoza
Twitter: @AUXdesignstudio


Mr Water Delivery


There are a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding water delivery services in Cape Town. Mr Water Delivery has gone through all the correct channels to provide ethical bulk delivery of non-potable water to the public at large. The water is supplied from an aquifer in Cape Town which would otherwise be discharged to the sea. Mr Water Delivery’s certified E. coli-free water has gone through rigorous testing at Abbot & Associates, an esteemed chemistry agency operating since 1964, and is safe for both domestic and industrial use. Users are provided with the water analysis sheet for peace of mind. This water delivery service in Cape Town also boasts a slew of reputable corporate clients such as major fuel garage forecourts, construction companies, industrial clients and city spas. Ultimately they help provide much-needed relief to the strain on our municipal water while keeping the Cape economy thriving. Residents now have the option to enjoy the professional service for JoJo tank top-ups, landscaping requirements, and toilet flushing. Mr Water Delivery runs a developed delivery framework covering all areas within the Cape Peninsula.

The water warriors are also proud sponsors of Water4Cpt, a non-profit initiative which educates and empowers schools and residents with water saving and recycling tips.

Tel: 021 447 3795


Sorbet Dry Bar


The beauty wizards at Sorbet group are making a strong case for traditional salon pampering while still nurturing a water-wise approach. This uber chic beauty titan has garnered a reputation for its slick cuts and competitive pricing as well as for its ethical credentials. And as the water shortage slowly evolves into a national epidemic, the Sorbet squad have launched some simple, yet inspiring initiatives to #DefeatDayZero. Not only have they introduced eco-friendly water-saving showerheads, but they are recycling grey water for general cleaning. The grooming spot is also encouraging a water-savvy sensibility with their new rinse-free regimens. Sorbet Dry Bar and Sorbet MAN visitors get a 20% discount off the leave-in conditioner treatment when they arrive with pre-washed hair. The option includes the added value of a head massage and a cut of your choice. And their new softening ‘sock and glove’ procedure will sway the most ardent mani/pedi fanatic. This relaxing treatment hydrates your hands and feet while leaving them soft and silky. Clients are also encouraged to bring their own towels along for wash treatments. Alternatively, biodegradable towels are on offer. And if all that’s not enough of an incentive, regular Sorbies rake up double points on all the waterless treatment promos available.

Tel: 021 434 3902

Facebook: Sorbet Group
Twitter: @SorbetGroup
Instagram: sorbetgroup


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