Ways to Skip Gym and Get Fit


Movement is a way for us to celebrate our bodies. Why not skip your gym classes and rather move in a way that you look forward to each day? Here is our list of companies offering you ways to explore movement which incorporates fun and mental stimulation, as well as possibly assisting you to see your body as something to be celebrated.

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Bloc 11 is a world-class bouldering centre, by climbers, for climbers. They are known for their well-set and creative climbing routes as well as their friendly staff and an atmosphere that welcomes everybody.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing where the routes, or ‘problems’ are usually within 3-4 metres off the ground. Due to the padded mats on the gym floor, you do not need to climb with a rope and harness. If you have done bouldering before, you will know that it doesn’t just require and support strength building, it also involves technique, co-ordination and creativity of movement. It’s the perfect low-impact, fun and mentally-stimulating way to move and get fitter.

Bloc 11 also offers Yoga, an on-site physio and a social on-site coffee bar, which will offer you snacks, drinks and wifi in your climbing break. For more information on their packages and facilities, visit the Bloc 11 website.

Where: 18 Auckland St, Paarden Eiland
bloc11.co.za  | Contact: climb@bloc11.co.za | 021 510 2454
Instagram: bloc.11 | Facebook: bloc11

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Vertical Secrets Pole Dance Fitness Studio offers professional pole dance fitness classes to women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Their original founder, with over 12 years of pole dancing experience in both America and South Africa, founded the studio in 2010 and has successfully had the longest running pole dance studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Vertical Secrets current owner has a dance background of 20 years and has been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 7 years. With a new-found passion for pole dancing and an all-round passion for arts and entertainment, Vertical Secrets has the perfect balance of dance and fitness for everyone.

The studio is located in Table View and offers a variety of Pole Fitness classes to help you get fit and strong, boost your metabolism, improve flexibility and coordination, as well as most importantly, boost your confidence!

Where: 145 Blauuwberg Rd, Unit 8, Table View
Website: verticalsecrets.co.za | Contact: info@verticalsecrets.co.za | 082 780 4483
Facebook: verticalsecrets_group | Instagram:vertical_secrets_sa

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Experience the thrill of climbing in HangTime’s two climbing gyms. With custom-built walls, dedicated bouldering areas and top-end training facilities, HangTime offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking for a great way to get fit while having fun, an intermediate climber wanting to improve your grades and technique, or an experienced climber needing somewhere to get in some focused training, HangTime will assist you to reach your goals.

Whilst climbing is an excellent form of exercise, giving you a full body workout, strengthening your muscles and improving your balance and flexibility, climbing will also challenge you mentally. No two climbs are the same, so you’ll also have all your brain neurons firing as your creativity and focus ‘muscles’ kick into gear.

HangTime prides themselves in being a welcoming space for everybody, no matter your age or experience level. They aim to take the intimidation out of climbing, and offer a friendly, safe, supportive environment for you to enjoy this fantastic sport. If you would like to start your climbing journey on the right foot, enquire about their climbing coaching.

Where: Sunrise Park, Prestige Dr, Ndabeni (Pinelands), Cape Town | 2 Pioneer St, Boston, Cape Town
 hangtime.co.za | Contact: climb@hangtime.co.za | 074 134 8981
Instagram: hangtimegymFacebook: hangtimegym

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Established in 2019, South Pole is a studio focused on pole and aerial dance as an art form. They offer choreography, technique, dance and flexibility classes.

The owner Tiina O’Connor is a certified pole dance instructor, a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher, and a certified fitness trainer from Hamburg, Germany. Coming from a professional ballet and contemporary dance background, and having started her dance journey at the age of five, this has always been her true passion. Tiina has trained and taught pole locally and internationally, and opening her own studio to pass on her love for pole dance has been a long time dream.

South Pole has various 4-week class packages, including an Exotic Pole Choreography Package, a Contemporary Pole Choreography Package, an Exotic Base Choreography Package and a Doubles Choreography Package.

For more information on South Pole’s rates and how to book your first trial class, visit their website.

Where: Workspace 4, Inospace Powdermill, 5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni (Pinelands)
Website: southpolestudio.co.za | Contact: info@southpolestudio.co.za
Facebook: South-Pole-Studio | Instagram: SouthPoleStudio

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Stoked is a boutique mobile surf school adapting the location of their surf and SUP experiences based on the prevailing wind and swell conditions.

The Stoked team includes qualified and experienced surf coaches and surf guides, ensuring that you’ll be riding the waves best suited to your ability. Whether you’ve surfed before or have never touched a surfboard, start your surf adventure with Stoked.

During the time of Covid-19, Stoked aims to help you feel not-so-locked-up after lockdown. Therefore, they are offering lockdown deals on a few of their offerings. These include a discounted price on their 90-minute private and group surfing lessons, their 90-minute Stand Up Paddle Experience as well as their 8-session Kids Surf Club Package.

For more information on their specials and to book for your first surfing lesson, visit their website.

Where: Various beaches across Cape Town
Website: stokedsurfschool.com | Contact: info@stokedsurfschool.com | 082 412 8781
Facebook: stokedsurf Instagram:stokedsurfsa

Skip Gym and Get Fit


DanceCraft Studio welcomes both new and experienced dancers to hone their craft, improve their fitness or just have fun. Whether you are interested in learning to dance for your wedding, doing exams, dancing as a hobby, competing or getting fit, DanceCraft provides a convenient, vibrant and friendly environment in which you can achieve your goals.

They currently offer dance classes in Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Ballet, Ballroom, Sokkie and Latin dancing. DanceCraft also hosts social dance classes for couples on Tuesday evenings. If your goals revolve solely around getting in shape, they also offer Pilates classes as well as fitness classes.

DanceCraft has recently opened new Hip Hop classes, with kids classes taking place on Thursdays at 4:30pm and youth and adults classes taking place afterwards, at 5:15pm. In most cases, dance classes are 40 minutes long.

Where: 216 Riverside Lofts, Tyger Falls Blvd, Tygervalley
dancecraft.co.za | Contact: studio@dancecraft.info | 083 474 6745
Facebook: dancecraftstudio

Skip Gym and Get Fit


Surf Emporium is internationally recognised as one of South Africa’s most popular Surf destinations.  With more than 18 years of experience, they offer an SSA accredited Surf School, high quality surf equipment rental hub, a Vida e Caffè and retail section offering leading surf brands, all under one roof!

When going to Surf Emporium for a private surf lesson or to rent gear, you’ll quickly come to know that Surf Emporium is a place of energy and enthusiasm. If you’re new to surfing, Surf Emporium’s experienced surf instructors will guide you through the basics and make sure that you begin your surfing journey on the right foot.

If you would just like to rent gear, Surf Emporium offers surfboard and wetsuit rentals, individually or as a combination deal. They have a selection of over 250 surfboards available for rental, from shortboards to minimals and longboards.

For information on all that Surf Emporium offers as well as to book your first surfing lesson, visit Surf Emporium’s website.

Where: 66 Beach Rd, Surfers Corner, Muizenberg, Cape Town
Website: surfemporium.co.za  | Contact: info@surfemporium.co.za | 021 788 8687
Facebook: surfemporium | Instagram: surfemporium

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