Weekly Qigong Classes


Qigong ClassesMartina Hellweg, local certified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor, offers weekly Qigong classes that include stretching exercises, gentle movements, meditation and breathing exercises.

Martina started training Qigong (Nei Yang Gong) about 10 years ago and is proficient in Tai Chi, Tai Chi Jian, Xing Yi and various styles of Qigong. She is also a certified Feng Shui consultant and familiar with traditional Chinese principles.

Qigong focuses on working with the body’s energy with the intention to balance the energy flow and release blockages to stay or become healthy. Qigong is more than just gentle moves since it is closely related to the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and the meridians.

Practicing Qigong benefits all internal organs, the circulatory and respiratory systems, concentration, physical and mental strength, emotional balance. It also strengthens joints, sinews, muscles, increases metabolism and regulates the digestive system. 

Venue: 14a Bel Ombre Rd, Reunion Yoga studio or outside in the park
Time: Thursdays 4.30pm to 5.30pm
Cost: R400 per month | Free trial class

Tel: 072 990 6251
Email: martina.hellweg@gmail.com
Instagram: @taichichuan2020


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  1. hi are u teaching in cape town…..if yes cud i as a beginner come to a class please….0722595786



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