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Whilst self-investment is a long-term goal that many of us share, our days so easily slip by without reflecting it. With this in mind, we asked Abigail Samuelson to put together a list of courses, retreats and experiences, which aim to inspire you to feed your mind in order to invest in your health and nourish your body. If you’re interested in coming into greater health through learning a new skill, increasing your self-awareness, unearthing the health-benefits of our Cape Fynbos or discovering scientifically-supported facts about your body’s functioning, we’ve got you covered.

Feed your Mind; Nourish your Body holistic courses Cape Town


Veld and Sea’s half-day Fynbos foraging workshop is aimed at all who have an interest in wild food, indigenous edibles, self-sufficiency and/or the Slow Food movement.

This unique experience includes an opportunity to forage for indigenous edibles, learning how to sustainably harvest them, utilise them in your kitchen, grow them in your garden as well as discover some of their medicinal properties.

After snacks and an informative gathering tour, participants get creative in the foraging classroom kitchen and prepare and share a three-course lunch based on the ingredients foraged.

Throughout the workshop participants receive information and recipes, which aim to inspire a curiosity for our natural world and the understanding needed to incorporate the flavours and health benefits of these plants into daily living.

Details regarding what to bring to the workshop can be found on the Veld and Sea website as well as information regarding their private foraging experiences and wild food cooking classes. Due to the popularity of the Veld and Sea experiences, it is suggested that you book in advance.

Venue: Good Hope Gardens Nursery, Plateau Rd (M65), Cape Point
29 Jun, 20 Jul, 10 Aug | 10am to 2pm
R650 | U17 R350 | U2 Free

Contact: 072 234 4804 | veldandsea@gmail.com
Website: veldandsea.com
Facebook: veldandsea
Instagram: veldandsea

Feed your Mind; Nourish your Body holistic courses Cape Town


The knowledge offered by this retreat constitutes health education and a deeper understanding of one’s self. Through a juice-cleanse, educational films, nourishing nut milks, veggie broths, corresponding recipes and a host of activities, including yoga and hiking, Cape Town Retreats offers you an opportunity to reconnect with your inner world and discover how to incorporate these learnings in your daily living.

Through the act of fasting, guests come to access their deeper selves. This reconnection with self as well as a cleansing of the body and mind, which comes from the surroundings, events, holistic bodywork treatments and juices, inspires mental clarity and insight. Cape Town Retreats creates a tranquil setting for you to not only deepen your understanding of health and recipes, but use mindfulness to find your own self-knowledge and inner wisdom.

Venue: Guinevere Guest Farm, Tulbagh
Date: 4 May to 10 May 2019
Cost: Private Room (1 person) R16 995 p.p. | Shared Room (2 people) R13 995 p.p. | Shared Room (3 people) R10 995 p.p.

Contact: 084 297 5736 | annie@capetownretreats.co.za
Website: www.capetownretreats.co.za
Facebook: capetownretreats
Instagram: capetownretreats

Feed your Mind; Nourish your Body holistic courses Cape Town


Whether your choice to go meat-free or almost-meat-free is for health, ethical or environmental reasons, Ginger and Lime’s themed cooking class equips guests with the skills to confidently create and serve Asian-inspired vegetarian dishes.

With a relaxed, social and interactive atmosphere, guests cook collectively and help prepare the meal together. Some chop the tomatoes, one stirs and pot and another pours the wine. You can be as involved as you wish. Guests leave with full hearts and full bellies, having prepared, plated and tasted between 6 and 8 dishes. Questions and note taking are encouraged, ensuring that your new skills can inspire home cooking, conscious eating and healthier choices.

There is a maximum of 20 guests and everything necessary is included: food and ingredients, basic wines, waters, recipes and gratuity. Guests are welcome to bring drinks if they would prefer an alternative to the wine on offer.

Book here

Venue: 2B Ave Disandt, Fresnaye, Cape Town
Date: 11 April | 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Contact: 083 251 6282 | info@gingerandlime.co.za

Feed your Body and Nourish you Mind What's on in Cape Town Sport Science


Find a solution to your low immunity and heal your gut through learning the ancient process of creating fermented foods. This workshop focuses specifically on sourdough bread, giving participants recipes and comprehensive notes, before they take a sourdough bread home to bake the next day, along with a sourdough starter for next time.

The workshop includes the process of making kefir cream cheese and cultured butter – two things to enjoy with your sourdough. And from the spare milk kefir left over from making the cheese, participants also learn how to make Kefir Bread.

With top quality stone ground flour sponsored by Eureka Mills and no kneading, special skills or fancy equipment needed, My Cultured Kitchen shows participants how to easily incorporate gut-healing foods into their diets and take ownership of their wellness.

Please bring a small plate of snacks with to the workshop. Tea, coffee and fermented drinks will be available throughout the day.

Venue: Smart Health and My Cultured Kitchen, Stanford
Date: 6 Apr 2019 | 8.30am to 5pm
Cost: R800

Contact: 082 413 1569 | jeanne@smart-health.co.za
Website: culturedkitchen.co.za
Facebook: MyCulturedKitchenEvent
Instagram: my_cultured_kitchen

Feed your Body and Nourish you Mind What's on in Cape Town Sport Science


The Education hub offers a range of online short courses aimed at those who want to improve their knowledge and better their performance. It may be The Sport Science Institute’s ‘Nutrition Reconsidered: a relook at the science and practice’ or ‘Optimise your Sleep’ course that is the investment which guides you towards living out a fulfilling lifestyle.

If you believe that you will learn more from a practical, hands-on approach, The Sport Science Institute also offers programmes, two of which are Go-4-It and The Healthy Weight Programme. Go-4-It is an 8-week tailored programme with a trained Biokineticist in which participants learn about their body profile and how to best train. This information then informs an individualised training programme. The Healthy Weight Programme is a 12-week structured, monitored and integrated weight-loss and lifestyle intervention programme, which assists you to educate yourself and leave with increased awareness and decreased weight! The next Healthy Weight Programme begins on the 29 April 2019.

Venue: Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Boundary Rd, Newlands, Cape Town
Various | The Healthy Weight Programme 29 April 

Contact: 021 659 5600 | info@ssisa.com
Website: ssisa.com



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