Willow Creek Olive Oil


Willow Creek olive oil

Willow Creek olive oil, a favourite of restaurants and many serious cooks, is situated in the picturesque Nuy Valley near Worcester. The region is blessed with terroir and climate perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives. 

Their product range includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Flavoured Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Table Olives and Olive Pastes to add a local twist to salads, antipasti, just a snack.

The olive estate proudly uses cold extraction method for their oil, in other words at temperatures below 28°C (82°F), ensuring that the goodness and nutrition in the olives are conserved.

After the pressing process is done, the oil is transferred to the blending house, where a team of master tasters and blenders combine various cultivars to make up a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. Dark-coloured bottles protect the oil from direct sunlight and oxygen, extra virgin olive oil’s biggest enemies.

The Nuy Valley region is blessed with an abundance of good quality, crystal clear mountain water. This, combined with meticulous attention to the olive grove, ensures even ripening and consistent quality.

The company also conserve the environment by treating effluent on-farm in evaporation dams. Olive fruit pips and waste are recycled and used as biofuel to make sure nothing is wasted.

You can shop Willow Creek olive oil in most supermarkets or online. If you’re in the Worcester area, pop in at their Tasting Room for a preview of their products. 

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