Wizards World Board Games


Sometimes (if not all the time) a great way to liven up your time at home is pulling out board games. Besides, a little bit of

competition can be great.
Wizards World is an online store offering the largest range of in-stock board games, card games and tarot cards on the African continent. Their brick-and-mortar store in Observatory is also open to those wishing to pop in and to get a full scope of what’s on offer.

Some of their popular games are:

  • What do you Meme     R595.00        3 + players,

A social game for adults and a fantastic opportunity to host a fun double date. Players give captions for photocards, sometimes with hilarious results

  • Camel Up    R595.00        2-8 players,

Race camels around a pyramid. However, it is difficult to say who will win as camels can hitch a ride on another camel’s back. Bet on the winner or place a trap on the course.

  • Wizards Card Game     R250.00        2-6 players,

The trick-taking game with 4 Wizard cards and 4 Jester cards to upset the game in your favour. Insanely addictive game to play over and over.

  • Mystery Rummy – Al Capone    R295.00     2-4 players,

Rummy plus. Special cards allow you to take cards from opponents, search the discard pile, pinch a players meld and more.

This online board game store has tons more games which you can browse on their website. Service is excellent and efficient, with deliveries being completed in 2-3 days and their sales staff are always available telephonically during office hours.

Address: Corner of Howe and St Michaels Road, Observatory

Website: www.wizardsworld.co.za 
Email: wizardsbooksandgames@gmail.com
Phone: 021 447 5820
Facebook: @wizardsbooksandgames


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