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Yoga Works - Unlimited Online YogaYoga Works offers unlimited online yoga classes with Steven. With two offers to participants to choose from: unlimited access for a month or to rent individual classes.

Yoga Works invites people to discover what their body and mind are capable of with this ever-growing collection of practices including vinyasa flow yoga, strength and mobility work, workshops on specific poses and techniques, breath work and mindfulness meditations. There are practices for all levels of experience, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

Yoga Works offers a Special Introductory Offer – unlimited access to all classes for 12 USD/month (+/- R200/month). Or for participants to rent individual classes for 5 USD/class for 72 hours (+/- R85/class).

Visit their website to sign up and get unlimited access.

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Cost: +/- R200/month for unlimited access | +/- R85 per class

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Tel: 072 835 2525


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