We have an audience of 50 000.  Want them?

Fifty thousand people check out the What’s on in Cape Town website every month.
That’s 50 000 people who are looking for something to do in Cape Town.

They come to us for two reasons:
1) We rank top of Google for a myriad of searches such as ‘Events Cape Town’
2) They already know that if an event is listed with us, it is worth attending

Who reads What’s on in Cape Town?  

  • Individuals with a curiosity for wine and food, art, theatre, classical music, cultural variety, dance, tours, talks, experiences, travel etc
  • LSM 8 to 10, generally with a good disposable income
  • Locals and tourists (foreign and national)
  • Males (33%) and females (67%) aged 23 to 60+  (53% of them aged between 25 and 44)

Traffic and Reach

Website visitors: 45 000 to 65 000 per month
Page views: 100 000 to 200 000 per month
Device: 57% Mobile, 39% Desktop, 4% Tablet
Location: 82% South Africa (of which 78% Cape Town), 6% USA, 2% UK, 2% France, 1% Germany

Newsletter subscribers: 21 500
Facebook: 38 000
Instagram: 39 000

How is the website found?

  1. Organically. What’s on in Cape Town ranks top on Google for a wide variety of searches, simply due to the nature of its content.
  2. Referrals.  In particular, an increasing number of guest houses and tour operators are referring their clients directly to What’s on in Cape Town.

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